Clapham Common Golf Club

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Clapham Common Golf Club

The following story of Clapham Common Golf Club's association with Mitcham Golf Club is taken from John Hawkins abbreviated history of the club written in 1999:

“CLAPHAM COMMON GOLF CLUB frequently recorded as formed in 1873 with twenty five members, played golf over the western, Battersea end of the Common three and one half miles from Westminster

Excluding ladies clubs, only six clubs had been formed in England prior to the year 1873 ... .Clapham Common was therefore almost certainly within the first ten clubs in the land.

Because of the restricted hours of play, Cowdray Park, Dorking, Mitcham and Portsmouth were venues for matches in the 1920s. In the 1930's major 18 and 36 hole competitions were having to be played away from home at these clubs. By the late thirties all Club Monthly Spoons were being played at Mitcham. Three classes of membership came into being: play at Clapham only, play at Mitcham only ; and play over both courses. Nelson Hambly, Mitcham Golf Club Professional became Captain of the Clapham Common Golf Club in 193 7, he also served as competitions secretary in the 1950's.

In 1939 the course was soon subjected to a system of trenches to be used as shelter from air raids. Part was given over to allotments for food production by the local inhabitants, and this was followed by the arrival of an anti aircraft battery. Debris from the Clapham Deep Shelters and prefabricated homes followed later in the war. Fortunately Mitcham Golf Club continued to honour the playing rights for the Clapham Common Golf Club.”

Clapham Common Golf Club continues to this day with around 60 members and plays its club championship every year at Mitcham Golf Club.

Mitcham also hosts Clapham Common's annual match with the hickory players of the British Golf Collectors' Society. The membership fee has been kept to 1873 levels - currently £5 per annum.